Landlords: How to create your free account

Did you know that, as a landlord, you can post one free ad on


In JUST A FEW easy steps, you can create an account and create a detailed ad that will attract potential renters.


Also, when you advertise an apartment on, your listing will be featured on our mobile app, AppartmentMapp.


With, you can create detailed ads that feature descriptions of the property, upload photos, floor plans and video, and obtain real-time statistics on the number of calls and emails you receive.


Here’s how to get started.



1. On the home page, click Post Free Ad in the For Landlords section at the top of the page.







2. Scroll down to the three packages, and click Submit your Free Listing Now from the green (Free) column.

Free Listing bundle


3. You can now set up your account. Enter your name, address and contact information. Note that the fields marked in red are mandatory and that some fields are drop-down menus: click the arrow or simply start typing in the first letters of your country, for example.        






4. Now, add your logo by clicking Upload in the Company Logo section. This is optional, but it will make your ad look more professional to tenants.





5. A window will open so you can find the picture on your computer or mobile device, and click Open to upload it.



Upload Image


6. Next, select I have read and agree to the terms and conditions (required) and sign up for discount offers (optional), and click Sign me up.


Accept Terms and Conditions


7. That’s it, you’ve created your account. Now will send you a verification email. Login to your email and click the link to confirm.