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Living in Saskatoon: Room to Grow in the Prairies


If you’re moving to Saskatchewan and looking for rental accommodation in Saskatoon, its biggest city, you may have been teased by the long-standing joke that in this province, you can watch your dog running away for three days.


There’s far more to the prairies than this joke could lead you to believe, however. Saskatchewan has beautiful and diverse sand-dunes, forests, prairie, and mountains in the north. Surrounded by farmland, the city of Saskatoon boasts attractive walkways along the river valley and tons of sunshine to keep residents happy, despite the extreme temperatures of summer and winter.


Add to this the friendliness and welcoming nature of Saskatonians and an affordable and good quality of life, and you have a recipe for success.


The province’s rich natural resources, including potash, coal and diamonds, and strong oil and gas employment opportunities are attracting new residents and families to Saskatoon. In fact, Saskatoon is the fastest growing city in Canada, a growth driven by employment. Currently standing at is 248,700, its population is projected to reach a population of 387,742 in the next 20 years.

New tenants in Saskatoon enjoy the low cost of living, modern amenities, and the sense of community. It’s also called "Hub City", as its location is ideal for distribution and logistics.

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    Tips for renters in Saskatoon: getting around with public transport


    New and old tenants in Saskatoon are fond of the public transportation bus routes that criss-cross the city. Saskatonians can dial in to Phone & Go # (975-7500) to find out when the next bus is scheduled – many also use the Click & Go on the City of Saskatoon website.


    Braver Saskatonians will bike their way around town, using the city’s cycling guide. University of Saskatchewan students can take advantage of the UCommute to find their way around town.


    Beyond the city, Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) and Greyhound Bus Lines have a terminal in downtown that will get you to other parts of the province.

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